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A space for everyone: On JMArt Space we recognise that everyone has the potential to be an artist, so we welcome everyone to discover their own canvas. Artists from around the globe can explore, experiment, and then showcase their completed projects, work in progress and put items on sale.

Create with confidence: within our community, we hope that each member has a fundamental role in their own artistic growth as well as other members. Give other users useful critique and even share some of your skills with others with an article, tutorial, or online course.

Step inside the art space, and be one step closer to your dreams

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The wonderful faces behind the wonderful art space.

Joseph Aina

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Select from one of our services to help take your career to the next level.

Studio Sessions

Be part of our youtube studio sessions series, an opportunity for up and coming artists to record and release a brand new track exclusively with us.

Music Video

Have a top quality music video shot and directed by us and also distributed on our social channels.

Art Licensing

License your artwork with us, enabling us to distribute your work on a range of products and take 50% of the profits!

The Art of Cooking

Apply to be part of our new 'the art of cooking' series on youtube to show your friends, family or even customers your culinary skills.

Event Media Coverage

Invite us to your event to help share the experience with the rest of the world.

Artist Review

Send us some of your merchandise, latest artwork, short film or album and if you are selected will write a detailed review for our magazine.
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